The Dunces!

In the midst of this placid state, remains hidden incognito, a fervour in some. They saunter around looking like a dunce but hold their ken hidden deep within, waiting for the opportune moment when their ideas take a fully formed contour, for that will be the time, when obliquity of the prevailing system will be brutally savaged and pure enlightenment will see its long awaited zenith. What attributes will you give to love, care, hope, faith and all those tenets, which have been an impediment for us to look beyond into the abyss that awaits us along the path we slavishly walk on. Bring forth the adherents of idealism and make them look in the mirror of reality, maybe they’ll stop their pursuit of seeking that, which doesn’t exist independent of the crass stimulation that makes us withdraw ourselves from dignity, and hold survival to be the final aim. What we seek is temporary and if one gets fortunate sometimes it lasts for a life, for it lures him away from truth and manages to assure him that it is in the common weal or at least his. Blessed will be those who in this accursed times remain ignorant! Alas! It unravels that why ‘Ignorance is supposed to be a bliss’. But a day may come when veil of truth may descend upon us and ignorance itself may loose its virtue of being ignorant. That will be the time when no longer will the light illuminate the world, for every thing will happen to be incongruously admixed with an alien understanding of the world. That day may arrive and curse will be thrust upon those who seem blessed now. The world could use some dunces yet again today, not disguised as artists, but purely borne from the valour that resurrects itself on the morrow, when tragedy of this present abject pedagogy will be realised. For then the advent of chaos may arrive, and push us to an extreme where we will be imbued with order and purpose, where life will be rearranged with new definitions of perseverance, prosperity, passion, knowledge, deference, reverence, faith and all those principles that have lost their meaning to uncalled sophistry.

Ridiculous Man
Well I'm... A theatre actor, director and a writer... I've an avid interest in philosophy and often write my random take on different aspects of life... I love to write poems and play guitar!

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