For the Sake of Unpredictable Life!

Dear Brother,

Astonishing and surprising it may sound, but yes this letter is directed to you and I wish it finds you in a prosperous state of physical and mental health. Although it may be the first time that I’m communicating to you through thoughts inked on paper rather than in person, but I never felt a need you know. It has always been easy and gratifying to talk to you. Now, I can understand your difficulty in processing and swimming continuously for a long time with the flow of extraordinary (yet simple) thoughts, so bear with me. No matter how much you stress on the idea that you are a simple man, one who thinks straight and holds a colloquial point of view towards life, no matter how much amazement you bring onto your face while people like me get philosophical, and no matter how much bored you feel at the end of the day; I know that you too are driven by the fundamental that gives rise to our every thought and action. And that fundamental quality we all share is ‘Wonder’! It may not be obvious to you but subconsciously it breathes fire into us that further leads us to what we become.

You see, I know it gets hard for you sometimes because you don’t let go and mislead yourself into believing that its complex and better not get into it, so let me dig deep and lay the foundation of what I’m talking about.

You are almost thirty-three years old now my brother. Well, look how time passed! Did you imagine being where you stand today? With all the possibilities and probabilities you can think of, try to discern some sense out of it. Take out any one or more instances or person out from your life and try to arrive on a different place that could’ve been the reality today. It’s hard but usually it’s not difficult to utter with absolute consciousness that ‘I wouldn’t have been here today if that didn’t happened or without these people whom I came in contact with (naturally or unnaturally).’ You see where I am getting at! Today’s happiness or contentment is a pure product of yesterday’s regret or sadness. Nothing was and nothing remained permanent. If today seems ‘right’ then what stood ‘wrong’ yesterday was ‘right’ in its own domain. Today’s ‘right’, god forbid, can look ‘wrong’ when you glance back from tomorrow. Let’s hope you remain as strong as you are today then, because life has its unique way of thrashing us. It hurts us bad, but never leaves a scar so strong that doesn’t subsides with time. But memory of that thrashing keeps popping up from time to time in some lean moments, but never so emphatically which is uniform in every breath we take, and I’m pretty sure that this is the only reason human may never learn from their past. All I want is, for once in my life to take a role of a big brother and keep you from harm that I think you are vulnerable to today.

I know what happened, I know what dreadful words were lashed out, I know how hurtful and preposterous it would have sounded, and I know what ‘YOU’ have been doing since then. Justified as it may seem, or if not justified and rather out of sheer helplessness, what you are doing seems appropriate and yet plain wrong to me. Let me explain!

Appropriate for some time as to calm your nerves down and also giving enough time for the other to ponder over what callousness they have showed. Although latter reason must not have been what you thought about, and I must say, neither

the former reason would’ve popped into your wise head. I’m sorry to be so insensitive towards your logical judgment, but as far as I can discern, ‘you just wanted no part in this eternal looking tragic chaos.’ Am I right? Isn’t that what you want, not to be a part of anything that sounds so petty and trivial to spend your energy on, and literally on daily basis getting flashed by a sensible question, that ‘Why is it happening? What’s wrong with these people?’ In this scenario it looks appropriate to just stand aloof regardless of anything you are subjected to.

Why ‘WRONG’? Well, has it occurred to you that whatever absurdity was lashed out without any provoking reason, was not a well thought conscious hurtful statement from a devilish mind. It carried no intentional harm with it. It meant nothing of that sort which the words seemed to imply. I agree it was a frivolous remark which came from an agitated mind but meant no harm. I agree it was completely unjustified but you should know that a disturbed mind is capable of blatant abuse. Well I’m not here to justify any aspect of what was said, I put it in straight and clear

words that it was completely unasked for and was unmistakably outrageous. I’m here to ponder on what action ‘YOU’ took and still taking in regards to that. I don’t have to ask you because I know that you realise that whatever was said, no doubt wrong, but was not meant in any other way but to express anger contained within. But your action that has extraordinarily prolonged from one to two days, to weeks now doesn’t help any which way. Remember we talked about this particular method of expressing, usually introduced by you  whenever something fiery happens. Yet again I’m saying that it doesn’t help at all, neither you nor other people around you. Do I have to categorically state that the other person realises what they had done in blind anger and that they feel so foolish about it. If that is the case I say it very clearly, ‘that the person regrets what was said’. But please you on your part don’t be unreasonable and confuse their not coming forward to feel sorry as lack of courage or sheer arrogance. Realisation comes in different ways to different people, if everyone came to his senses and declared his realisation on the norms dictated by you, then they are no different than you, actually they must be you. I hope that is

not what you wish for, because it will never be so. If not anything else, bring into picture as to what heretics and hurtful deeds you and I have done and still do and will often do, considering that, I request you to let it go. Give a little latitude to others, especially to your own, if you understand what I am saying (hahaha… remember… Latitude).

What seems futile and trivial may become a big burden to carry any moment. Understand that everyone has their own nature which is hard to accept and not to mention, almost impossible to understand. In the light of their innocent intentions and absurd ways to express, we must forgive. No one asks you to forget what was said and swallow the vicious hemlock, rather if you have the courage then try and communicate what you feel. March forward and express your plight on, as to why on trifles such scandalous and unfair remarks are made. You must stay sensible and try to extend that sensibility into other person if they lack it. Although I doubt you would do that but I hope you’ll get out of that aloofness and participate genuinely, if not harmoniously, amongst others who love you and always wish good for you. And if still you remain placid

to my plight then I must emotionally try to blackmail you into doing what I think is right. That is by reminding you the conspicuous unpredictability of life. And for the sake of that unpredictability please make amends even if others stand on the wrong, for the time is now and once gone it never comes back.

Your always loving and idealist brother


August 24th, 2015

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