Ride Into Oblivion!

Evanescent youth dwells in languid hope,

where resides a caprice to flee;

Where sonorous symphony once induced serenity,

tranquil mind sung with idyllic brevity.

Where vestige of carnage was phantasmal,

and cascade of love plunged in depths abysmal.

Whence at dusk ebullient dawn bloomed, ironic,

it shimmered at arid wave of cold

in the gloaming,

soul ethereal lustre in course,


whilst life resurrected from chrysalis of death becoming.


Often lilt of rhapsodic lay

is redolent of that talisman bay, evocative of that forbidden odyssey

limned by a harangue to be flimsy,

Come lets be free from this amorphous state, and coalesce,

reignite the languid hope deep within that never lapse,

if thou name shan’t echo and thunders in afar millennium,

haste incessantly yet gracefully to ride into oblivion!


Ridiculous Man

September 8th, 2015

Ridiculous Man
Well I'm... A theatre actor, director and a writer... I've an avid interest in philosophy and often write my random take on different aspects of life... I love to write poems and play guitar!


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