Exquisite Love: a revelation!

It had been exactly two months since he had stepped out from his one room apartment. Earlier he hadn’t thought that he will be able to continue living in isolation even for a week, but as the time passed he started enjoying it. Of course he had taken preliminary measures to ensure his basic needs are met for as long as possible but today he had exhausted his reserves. Only if it had not been for his exquisite love for tea, he had made up his mind of stretching for one or two weeks on the ample biscuits packets which still lay untouched in the kitchen. Tea certainly was a matter of vital importance to him that invoked a zealous motivation in him to overlook an equally important decision he had made few months back. He sat at the table, very thoughtfully making the list of necessities as to nothing gets left out. Suddenly then it occurred to him, something he had been searching the answer for. Day after day had gone by sitting idle and wondering, night after night he just lay there on his bed, sometimes on the couch, looking at the ceiling and thinking about it, but never this answer came consciously. And today out of nowhere or perhaps out of the long incessant dereliction he had gone through, the answer unravelled before him and an earnest smile was spotted on his face. He looked endlessly on the blank sheet of paper on his desk smiling and meditating on the revelation he just had. Finally, he decisively took the pen and poured whatever was in his mind onto the paper with black ink.

“I’m the embrace of the non-physical and the physical. The former remains and the latter resurrects from its own remnants. Highest is the form I’ve achieved, for in me, both resonate, harmonious and equanimous! Yet peace is what I deprived myself of, for a search of it outside of this equanimity is a forlorn attempt. Innate are the prerequisite motivations that sustain the physical me, but I embellish them with the exquisite love for something, for I control and overwrite the non-physical incessantly. Complete I am but that which I gather as an embellishment, often curtails me of a sense of proportion. But let it be no further as I embark a new ship that sails on the ocean of life and when I touch base I shall be in peace.”

As he penned down the last words a serene expression floated on his face. He got up and reunited with the world outside.

– by Ridiculous man

June 29th, 2015

Ridiculous Man
Well I'm... A theatre actor, director and a writer... I've an avid interest in philosophy and often write my random take on different aspects of life... I love to write poems and play guitar!

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  1. I wish all is good there with you where you are not reachable….. I am so happy for you. You are doing with your life what you love to. I came back on jun 10 from the expedition in Ladakh . You were wanting to go there in July if I am right. Have been busy since then….busy as in no personal time.. Do let me know when will you come back in India . I would love to hear from you. I read this article….revelation……..you have the power to generate your own resources……I reserve my comments for another reply.
    The moment I saw ur letter I gave a call to bawa, he was drinking and could not believe when I disclosed your news. We were happy and knew only you could do something like that. I wish all the happiness for you that you wish for yourself . Jai

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