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we the people


You say thanks to those who ’Stand in solidarity with JNU students’, I say whole nation stands in solidarity with JNU, knowingly or unknowingly, just like whole nation stood in solidarity with our martyred soldier and his family, on whose death a depraved politician said that ‘A dog wouldn’t have visited his home if he hadn’t died for the country’. That politician must be in his death bed now and very soon he shall face the brave soldier about whom he made such remark, but at that time as it is now, it was a slap on every Indian’s face and even though he had apologised to the father of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who eventually accepted it, the rest of the nation is still angered by it.

Similarly we stand by the JNU but neither with those who gathered in a group and slapped the whole nation again and again with their hideous slogans and then went into hiding, nor with those who are now desperately trying to protect them. Now you are asking us to come forward in solidarity with JNU, but yourself stand there welcoming and cheering the very same ingrates who have laughed over the dead bodies of those brave soldiers who died protecting us.

You would’ve been worthy of solidarity if you would’ve first ostracised those who were directly and indirectly involved in those activities, but on the contrary you justified those slogans in the garb of protesting against capital punishment of proven terrorists, and instead of questioning the facts presented during the judicial process you declared them Martyrs killed by Indian Judiciary. Still capital punishment didn’t appeared on your posters, nor you did protest when capital punishment was given to the monsters who savagely raped and killed our Nirbhaya. You and likes of Kanhiya Kumar shamefully talk about unfair treatment of Rohit Vemula but his name found no space in the revolutionary posters and pamphlets you stuck throughout the JNU and now merely are using his name to escape the wrath of people.

And the most laughable line of argument that came out of the very mouth of Umar Khalid, who also took pride in asking ‘Azadi’ for Kashmir and now plays the ‘targeted because of being muslim’ card, was that the supreme court in the case of Afzal Guru said that there was no proof against him, but to satisfy the collective conscience of the people of India he had to be hanged. Although its useless to mention, as many people like Umar Khalid have no interest in thriving to search the truth, but still it must be pointed out at least to those who want to hear the truth that the statement has been distorted and taken out of context and allow me to quote that part where this statement comes in the supreme court’s judgment:

“It is a classic example of rarest of rare cases. The gravity of the crime conceived by the conspirators with the potential of causing enormous casualties and dislocating the functioning of the Government as well as disrupting normal life of the people of India is something which cannot be described in words. The incident, which resulted in heavy casualties, had shaken the entire nation and the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if the capital punishment is awarded to the offender. The challenge to the unity, integrity and sovereignty of India by these acts of terrorists and conspirators, can only be compensated by giving the maximum punishment to the person who is proved to be the conspirator in this treacherous act. The appellant, who is a surrendered militant and who was bent upon repeating the acts of treason against the nation, is a menace to the society and his life should become extinct. Accordingly, we uphold the death sentence.”

I hope any sensible person with decent amount of intelligence can interpret what the Judges meant, and I must point out that it is the same context of satisfying the collective conscience of the society in which the apex court sent the ‘honour killing’ accusers to death row . As far as controversy is concerned I’m sure Mr. Khalid has read that small piece of the entire judgment in an article written by none other than our own ‘Arundhati Roy’ in ‘The Guardian’ in which she says, ‘I hope our collective conscience has been satisfied. Or is our cup of blood still only half full?’. Well Ms. Roy yes our collective conscience has been satisfied and ‘Yes’ our cup has more space for the blood of such terrorists. As per the entire judgment goes, which I’m sure they both haven’t read as is the case with many pseudo-intellectuals who only love to read their own stuff or have chosen to forget as per convenience as people like them often do, what they don’t care to mention is that when the decision of high court was challenged, the apex court found it beyond reasonable doubt that Afzal Guru was an active part of that conspiracy and attack, and so the high court judgment under section 121 IPC should stand. Well, one can’t argue with someone who isn’t willing to listen, and these are the very same people who want to have debate on facts.

And the thing about Freedom of speech and expression, and those who think it is absolute, I’ve nothing to say. Speak whatever you want, just make sure you are in a safe place, hiding in a group or behind a computer screen, because you won’t have anything to counter with this line of argument when a people get angry and make you eat your words. Also, I hope its not too much to ask for but if possible please show the same amount of vigour and passion, and march for our slain soldiers and for the survival of their families, who are forgotten even before their son’s blood has dried.

And for those whose idea of democracy has come down to just opposing the contrary view and policies even if they are in well being of the society as a whole, stalling the parliament and citing vendetta when judiciary of this country summons you, keeping a strong foot forward and saying ‘I’m not scared of anyone’ but then running from court to court to quash the charges and when rejected, pleading for exemption from personal appearance, trying to bring down the ruling government of this country elected by majority, no matter what is the cost, going on and on like a demented broken record and spilling venom just as Randeep Surjewala and Mani Shankar Aiyar, or by just being simply Budhhu, I’ve one thing to say, ‘The whole country forgives you, and now that you have ruled us for almost 50 years, and have accumulated so much wealth that your next seven generations can go without doing anything, please leave us alone and just go away (I hear you can buy independent islands now a days), its about time that our nation and its people prosper.’ And of course every side has his own share of demented people, so rest be assured they all will be kicked out into the open gradually, no matter which side they belong to.

Perfect is a word which should be casted out when it comes to building of a nation. Founders of our nation, although not perfect, did whatever they could, and quite effectively integrated this subcontinent which, if you go back and see, was described as ‘British India’ and the ‘Princely States of India’. Thanks to them we were brought up in a united country bound by nationhood despite our varying diversities and differences. Yes, certain bureaucratic angels cannot be overlooked where certain connivers took advantage of their power and beguiled the whole nation for their self-interest. Well, look into the history of any nation and see for yourself that the same dice has been played over and over, and the harm done was far greater in magnitude than we endured, and that harm was not limited only to the respective nation but engulfed the whole world in the consequent turmoil that prevailed. Thanks to our founders and their iron will that they weren’t intimidated on seeing the chaotic situation in which British left us divided and vulnerable. Nightmare of a civil war loomed in various parts of the subcontinent when they took charge. No matter how much somebody says today, that whatever progress India saw was under the British rule, has to acknowledge that whatever tragedies and calamity India avoided (that may well have been the intention of the invaders), was because of its founding leaders.

No political party, no ideology and no external influence can be blamed to what we face today. They are no more than the natural seeds that we as ‘individuals’ nurtured, embraced and remained ignorant when they started growing berserk. Didn’t we allowed congress to rule us for nearly 60 years and kept on making them win year after year ignoring what they had been doing to us. Our idea of democracy ends at every traffic light, it is rejected whenever sensibility is required, and it is flashed as absolute freedom to cite absurdest of remarks.

’Demos’-‘the people, ‘Kratia’- ‘rule’, ‘democracy’ – ‘Peoples rule’, however the rule is established in a way that it doesn’t become an anarchy, hence the three branches: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. Having these three branches seems like a very effective and thoughtfully crafted idea to organise lives of people, but like every idea its hollow and vague without commitment and passion to follow through by the people.

One may project the word ‘people’ in a very broad sense that includes every soul breathing in our country, but that would be a big mistake. Those who are not to be included among the people who lack commitment and passion, form 70 to 80 percent of the entire population of India. They are everywhere, going unseen and unacknowledged by the rest 30 to 20 percent. Among them are ‘YOURS’  city  & town cleaners, garbage collectors, bus drivers, labourers, farmers, sabzi walas, chai walas, railway employees, traffic police employee, building guard, airport security guard and billion more without whom your already chaotic life will come to a standstill. These people may or mayn’t have any notion of nation building, neither they do or do not realise that whatever they do helps our country to work in a better and organised way, and even if the only reason they do what they do is to provide for their family and ensure their survival, one thing you can’t take away from them is their every direct action in their line of work is helping every other person in this country. They aren’t perfect, and they have every reason not to be perfect, they aren’t intellectuals and they have every reason to have certain flaws, which we always take pride in pointing out by branding them as illiterates. They are the ones who in the truest and most literal sense can be bestowed with the title of ‘Nation builders’, but the irony remains that never in their lifetime will they be accredited with as much love and respect as given to the likes of ‘Arundhati Roy and the team’ who garner thumbs up and awards by tarnishing the image of entire country in foreign media.

The actual non-committed people are ‘WE’ who roam around boasting our education and intellect, knowledge of few past happenings, forming a hollow ideological shell that resounds our emptiness towards the fundamental need of the hour i.e. indifference. In a race to project ourselves as a modern society we have lost the basic ingredient on which a modern mind flourishes and that is ‘Liberation’. True education liberates and that which doesn’t is just information. We talk about intolerance, about freedom of expression and speech, we talk about fairness, we talk about justice, we talk about equality, which is very amusing and ironical because we belong to a civilisation which undoubtedly stood atop the pedestal of modernism.

A civilisation which never talked about religion, rather set everyone free to find and choose his/her own path, a civilisation of seekers who excelled in every aspect of life, be it philosophy, social, economical, astronomy, metaphysical, medical, spiritual, physical and non-physical, a civilisation who taught acceptance of every view and embraced other beliefs and cultures and never declared itself to be supreme, a civilisation who invoked a sense of proportion inside us towards the nature and other living beings, a civilisation that celebrated sensuality and other orientations of sexuality, a civilisation that was open and bold, but at the same time respectful and humble, is the one that bequeathed onto us the responsibility of taking it forward.

Its ironical that we don’t want any part of that civilisation, rather, often we are ashamed of this inheritance. On one hand we want to set an epitome of modern society and yet we try everything in order to jerk off the elegant veil we have had for centuries. Its hard to point out where exactly we lost our way, before the Mughal invaded us, or during their rule, or in the time of British. But one thing is certain that without a second thought we have and are adopting everything that comes from west. Of course nothing wrong with that, only if it was to embellish what we already have, but unfortunately that doesn’t seems to be the case.

Yes, it is ‘WE the people’ who are the real enemies of the state, those who have hijacked and replaced this nations identity with a misplaced sense of modernism, those who induce a sense of shame in others towards their origin. Those who propound venom and just can’t see back beyond few hundred years of history and don’t question how and why certain inequities came into existence rather say they have always existed in this marvellous land. It has been a very old tactic to make others feel inferior by taking away their identity and mock their heritage. And this tactic has been expedited in last two decades, and it is not hard to imagine that their may come a time when we will be all modern, and in our newly found modern style we will accuse and abuse our surroundings more than ever.  You talk of being modern, then first liberate yourself from the idea of relentlessly speaking about things you have no idea about, hold yourself back before blindingly spreading the unwarranted words of anyone, act sensibly and responsibly. Shake up your dreams and desires and make a little room for something that gives you a sense of achievement and responsibility. Forget about the big problems that face the nation, which anyway seems so far to be attended to that you throw your hands in the air and say ‘What can a normal person like me, do?’, instead look around, probably you’ll see when you are driving around in your car, that sitting in the back of a garbage truck a young guy is eating his food with his bare hands despite that strong repulsive stench, which if our car window is open will suffocate us. Their are many other visions I can put in your head but I don’t need to, all one has to do is just look around. Giving hours to social media is not a challenge, rather few hours, that too in a month for making a little change around you can seem worthy but impossible. But, we do everything thats accepted but nothing thats expected.

The definition of modern mind of India in all its entirety is summed up in two words ‘Secular’ and ‘Freedom of expression and speech’. Lets be honest, ‘Secular’ again is an imported word which arrived in India very recently. Never has been our country ruled by religion, on the contrary it has been a secular nation for centuries, even before this word came into existence. Different beliefs, traditions and cultures have coexisted for decades. Of course loads and loads of worst things have happened in the distorted interpretations of religion but our society and nation as a whole has never considered one over the other. Rather we have always been attracted and willing to get a taste of different cultures in every form, let it be food, clothing, art, language, traditions, etc. Compared to other nations which were and are ruled by religion, where entire civilisations were wiped off the face of the planet, where tolerance towards any outside view is non-existent, we must feel relieved and grateful that we have survived. And we owe our survival to the ideal of our philosophy ‘Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti’, which has been ingrained in us so deep that no matter how much our beliefs may differ, the respect towards each others belief will remain firm.

I don’t know about you who reads this article, but I know about myself and myriad of other people who being a hindu have gone to a Christian missionary schools and never have we nor our parents given a second thought towards it, and I’m firm to send my children to the same school without any hesitation. Never did I or others like me wondered that a time would come where we will have to show off our respect towards others beliefs by saying that although we can’t recite verses of Bible or Quran, but we join our hands and touch our forehead and pray just like we pray to our Ishwar at other holy places of worship. We feel no hesitation in entering a ‘Mazar’ or a ‘Church’, in fact the same emotional blackmailing (’Mannat’ ) we do to our Ganpati, we do to Haji Ali and Mother Mary. So it is a humble request to the spokespersons of secularism to stop telling us that we want to paint this country in ‘Bhagwa’, stop making us feel ashamed of saying we are Hindus. Stop mocking us by cutting a cow in front of our eyes and relishing it in beef parties.

I won’t even go on the topic of Ajanta and Ellora, which has been called porn, maybe that can be said and their is no shame in that, but also take notice that their was a time in this civilisation where life in all its aspects was celebrated and nothing was to be ashamed of. When the mind and surroundings are in harmony, anything and everything can be looked at without shame and perversion. But it is too much to be asked for in these times of so called ‘Modernism’.

The majority Hindus are resilient and forbearing, stop calling them tyrannical and oppressors. Their is no doubt that in the past and even in the present many have used religion to oppress others by using caste but by what principle of elaboration one brushes the entire majority as an ‘Oppressing Brahminical Society’. Many seculars and  many modern youth at the pinnacle of their sense of understanding may present the same line of argument, which they recently did from Jawaharlal Nehru University. ‘Don’t paint the whole university because of few people who gave Anti-India slogans’, they said, ‘Every Muslim is not a terrorist’, they said, and have repeated this over and over, but they paint the entire nation and its majority as intolerant and tyrannical because of few condemnable incidents.

Not to speak of those who are politically motivated, in fact most of them are, and want to bring the ruling  central government down, but to those who have actually formed this perception believing it to be true, and are passionately running campaigns to malign the whole nation. Its unfortunate that these campaigners are legitimate stake holders of India’s future, and it seems that they have been hallucinated by these politically motivated seculars. They justify killing of thousands of Sikhs as collateral damage, they don’t see the exodus of Kashmiri pandits, they call Godhra victims the aggressors, they justify the reaction in Malda as legitimate whereas don’t leave any chance to mock majority’s belief in their God’s and Goddesses. And in the most recent event, they neither hear nor remember any of the Anti-India chant like ‘Bharat tere tukre honge, Inshallah Inshallah’ or ‘Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung rahegi jung rahegi’, all they remember is that some hooligans in black suits created a ruckus in the court premises. All they have to say is don’t paint the whole community as terrorists, but when thousands of people from the very same community come and call ‘Maqbool bhat’, ‘Yakub Menon’ and ‘Afsal Guru’ as martyrs and their hanging to be a judicial killing, all they say is that probably the trial wasn’t fair. They talk about reservations for Muslim community, about their upliftment and about their oppressed and poverty stricken state, but they never talk about the fundamental reasons that have kept them that way. Playing into the hands of few religiously oriented parties who keep them that way, and their own personal laws preventing them to integrate with the majority, hence playing the card of minority, how their future is being forsaken by their own leaders is never pointed out. They never mention that the only one who can help Muslims of India get into a prosperous path is they themselves, by bringing reforms among their community. Although it is a difficult task till the time Muslims themselves realise how their own personal law board and few people including Kamal Farooqi, Owaisi brothers who represent them, stop using their own community for their personal benefits.

I’ll conclude this article by saying that: “A swaggering display of our antiquities, and valiant efforts to promulgate our culture and heritage, no longer hides the contradiction in which we live today. The thread that represented our perseverance, withers away expeditiously and the chances to face our past and future with pride, seems bleak. March towards being accepted as a modern nation is frivolous till the fundamental realisation of what we are becoming, seeps in. The standards we put onto others doesn’t illuminate our own paths; be it the social & racial inequities or something as simple as delivering our least in the light of the basic duties bestowed upon every citizen of our country. Its not difficult to understand that what we deserve, we are getting, and certainly what we sowed is being reaped, but with baffling bewilderment as if we deserved better, we shout and scream.”

Jai Hind!

Jai Bharat!

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  1. Vow…..that was a big story of our country and insight into the thinking of its people………
    Knowledge liberates…….oh yes
    And I wonder how I never realised I never distinguished any religion sentiments nor was ever encountered with any such religion based act
    Yaar……I am better off a soldier playing my part if the society at large is oppressing itself in its fettered thinking…..why should I not call it terrorising oneself and others with washing away the minds of not the free thinkers but irresponsible youth who know not where to head or how to head…….
    Manu Ji so very well written in a flashback you made up for so many articles you did not post since your last post
    Any ways you know the good news about bawa….so congratulations to all of us

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