Aim For The Posterity!

The edifice at which the prevalent system is working on, makes me wonder sometimes, what actually happened with me, what was I supposed to do and how did it all came to this. I see my past and I loath it, for I stand vulnerable today in the present, anticipating the insipid future that awaits me. For one fine moment shed away your beliefs about pre-destined life and please allow me to allude to what I feel is emancipation of mind. Many well crafted ontological arguments you may have read or may find, but this I assure has a personal and an individual touch of generality.

However absurd it may sound but isn’t an individual a part of a whole, where he certainly has an individuality and yet his existence vacillates in conscious and unconscious mind of, lets say another individual. ‘I think therefore I am!’ is your self-reality that justifies your existence. Let me take a leap and trust your liberal attitude which I hope will forgive me, as I go on to say that, ‘Yes for you this world exists because you exist, however, for this world, you oscillate from being non-existent to existent to non-existent….’

Every one, individually, happens to be the nucleus of his own universe (not whole universe) and rest everything is protoplasm circling around it. The reason why I stressfully indite, ‘your own universe’ is simply because the existence of this universe is subjected to your conjectures and is not independent of what ‘you think and thereby you come on a conclusion of ‘I am’!’ But this universe in itself has existed and it will continue to exist, independent of what your own reality can surmise. It doesn’t want us, neither it rejects us! It holds no opinion whatsoever, to what our existence or presence may apply! We are here… and then we will be gone… then nothing! It will remain what it is… but for the brief moments for which we are here, it changes and is adept in itself to become what we want. It seems to loose it’s completeness with us here… and its inevitable that it would return to its state of completeness when we are done with.

As a thinking being, it definitely is a privilege to deviously leisure around being an individual and sometimes, when necessary, acquiesce in being harmoniously a part of the whole. But, the unseen vexed question remains that, “Whether it is, I as a whole that should have a meaning, or is it, we as a whole?” The nature of being and the meaning of life; should it be subjugated to our sly innuendos? Well, this is where I demand your unmitigated attention and want to say that, “No individual aim exists in itself, rather it is a unified aim of a generation as a whole that accede to be in sink with the universe!”

The generation through which we descended, grew up in a time where nations were being made. It was a time of avid growth, survival and a necessity to provide for the coming generation. It was a time when personal desires were to be put on hold and make way for the young to pursue their dreams. The dreams that they saw for us, for which they sacrificed nobly and fervently, without an ounce of remorse, even if those dreams were not realized. They bequeathed onto us the culture to thrive and cultivate. Their spiritual appetite was realised on the very onset of us taking our first step in pursuit of meaning to live. Even though time didn’t allow, they evolved for us, making modifications to their own beliefs, setting foot onto the road that wasn’t necessary for them to walk on, but they did so eventually, and, with passion I must add. Even being accomplished in their own way, they acknowledged of lacking the vision with which we see the world. Determine to ensure that life gets smoother for us, for they know what was impediment to their aim, every fundamental necessity they provided, which if not gave us a head start, at least gave us a fair start. Not expecting much in return, they fit into the category which gets as close as possible to ’Self-less’!

Now I address to we, who are already provided for, who possess at the very least the basic requisite to realise, what should be the aim of our generation. Not forced to think and wander around looking for anything that ensures our survival, we are the one, free from every burden that held our previous generations back from living for themselves. Oblivious to myriad of quandaries that existed before us, we remain a part of an unmatched epoch. Certainly in their perseverance to ensure our pleasant survival, our past generation, in a very non-visible way brought us close to what can be attributed as an effortless survival. It doesn’t count as their fault, rather as a noble gesture to save us from seeing what they had to go through. But as it is, we were born to rue this impetuous vision! We lack the extraordinary situations that are indispensable to bring out the best in us. We lack the culture, vital for the growth that enables us to realise the reason for our insatiable avariciousness. We are too weak to muster up the courage and re-define the meaning of success and prosperity. We are deprived of the understanding that allows to see the difference between, going with the flow and being swept away in the flow. We are not pushed into the corner so that we can fight back, instead we are let loose on a deserted land where we follow a mirage of fallacious sermons.

Only doable virtue would be to accept that, “We are the generation which is flawed! And our aim is to realise those flaws and thrive to outgrow them!” We need a soul in everything that we do, and then, not far will be the day when opportunity will walk towards with its arms open and say, “Come let’s give meaning to your life!” The unnatural situations from which we have been kept destitute, needs to be effectuated in our minds, life in all its fairness needs to be unfair, for then it will be truly fair in a mysterious way. That is how life has always worked and it will continue to do so. A chaos in our thoughts will result in conspicuous actions and then it shall be that the advent of true purpose will dawn upon us. Nothing suffices more than an urge to stretch and hold onto something you always thought unachievable. Nothing is more praise worthy to think of something inconceivable. Nothing will be more blissful than savaged ignorance. Nothing will be more fulfilling than realising our flaws and recuperate them by breathing soul into ourselves. For then and only then will we see the aim getting clearer and clearer.

Resurrecting ourselves from this flawed state will give way to prodigies in the coming time, for they will be the amalgamation of soul and free will from the very start. Its inevitable that we realise our generations aim, only if we could do it much sooner, more enthralling it would be. Then you’ll see that the individual aim of yours will be in congruity with the whole universe, and nothing would be more sublime than your own existence which would be independent of your conjectures about the whole universe. Your meaning and purpose will indelibly be written in the subconscious of the posterity and you’ll be, ‘Immortal!’.

“Life is a song… We all are part of the chorus… and each one of us gets an opportunity to go solo at least once… Now thats as fair as it can get! All you got to do is prepare for your solo so when the time arrives you can rock.”


Ridiculous Man

Ridiculous Man
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