Lost Highway!

Both had our say!

Caught in mysterious ways,

Destinies entwined,

At times, causing dismay.

You led I crawled,

Now I rise, you sway,

With hope and fervour

You incessantly obey.

Promises I make

Although sound opaque,

But essence of our LOVE

Amidst chaos,

Is always awake.

We met, whence we were devoid

Of a vision, or,

Friend named ‘Freud’,

We helped ourselves.

Oh yeah!

Together then, we shall face whatever it may,

Even if we crash on a ‘Lost Highway’.


Ridiculous Man

August 15th, 2015

Ridiculous Man
Well I'm... A theatre actor, director and a writer... I've an avid interest in philosophy and often write my random take on different aspects of life... I love to write poems and play guitar!

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